83 Fun and Unique Things to 3D Print When Bored [2023]


Welcome to 3D Printed™, your go-to guide for all things related to 3D printing! If you find yourself with some spare time and a desire for a creative outlet, 3D printing can offer a world of possibilities. In this comprehensive article, we will explore 83 fun and unique things you can 3D print when you're feeling bored. From practical items to artistic creations, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and discover all the exciting projects you can bring to life with your 3D printer!

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1. 3DBenchy

One popular and iconic 3D print is the 3DBenchy. It's a small boat model that serves as a benchmark for testing and calibrating 3D printers. This charming little vessel features various challenging aspects such as overhangs, bridges, and rounded edges. By printing a 3DBenchy, you can assess the quality and capabilities of your 3D printer. Plus, you'll end up with a cute miniature boat that can serve as a display piece or even a practical item—just add a small magnet and turn it into a fridge magnet!

To create your own 3DBenchy, you can download the design file from Thingiverse and print it with your 3D printer. Make sure to choose a material that suits your needs, whether it's PLA, ABS, or another filament type.

2. Survival Whistle

Prepare yourself for any adventure with a 3D printed survival whistle! This simple yet essential piece of gear can be a lifesaver in various outdoor situations. Lightweight and compact, a 3D printed survival whistle is easy to carry and can produce a loud, penetrating sound to attract attention and signal for help.

There are numerous designs available online for 3D printed survival whistles, many of which are free to download from platforms like MyMiniFactory. Once printed, you can attach a lanyard or keyring for easy access. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply exploring the great outdoors, having a 3D printed survival whistle on hand is a wise choice.

3. Sunglass Visor Clip

Tired of misplacing your sunglasses in your car? Stay organized and keep your shades within reach with a 3D printed sunglass visor clip. This practical accessory allows you to securely attach your sunglasses to your car's sun visor, ensuring they are always readily available when you need them.

You can find various sunglass visor clip designs on websites like Cults, where you can download the design files for free or at a nominal cost. Once printed, simply slide the clip onto your car's sun visor and secure your sunglasses in the convenient slot. No more fumbling around to find your shades while driving!

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82. Electric Unicycle

For those looking for a thrilling and futuristic mode of transportation, why not try your hand at 3D printing an electric unicycle? Combining innovative technology with a DIY touch, a 3D printed electric unicycle offers an exciting way to get around town.

Numerous open-source designs for electric unicycles are available on platforms like GitHub. These designs include details on the electronic components, motor, and battery needed to build your own electric unicycle. With 3D printing as the foundation, you can customize the outer shell to match your personal style. Just make sure to follow safety instructions and wear appropriate protective gear while riding!

83. Cosplay

Unleash your inner creativity and take your cosplay game to the next level with 3D printed props and accessories. Cosplay, short for "costume play," allows you to bring your favorite characters from movies, comics, and video games to life. With a 3D printer, you can design and print intricate and unique pieces to complete your cosplay ensemble.

From detailed armor to intricate props, 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities for cosplayers. With the right design files and materials, you can recreate iconic items such as Iron Man's helmet, Thor's hammer Mjölnir, or the blaster from Star-Lord's Guardians of the Galaxy outfit. Let your imagination run wild and bring your favorite characters into the real world!


What objects can you 3D print?

When it comes to 3D printing, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can 3D print a wide range of objects, including but not limited to:

  • Household items: From kitchen utensils to storage solutions, you can print practical items to enhance your daily life.
  • Toys and figurines: Bring fun and entertainment to your home with 3D printed toys and collectibles.
  • Fashion accessories: Create unique jewelry pieces, hair accessories, and even designer-inspired fashion items.
  • Prototypes: Use 3D printing to quickly iterate and test product designs before final production.
  • Educational models: Print educational models to enhance learning and understanding in various subjects, from biology to astronomy.
  • Artistic creations: Let your artistic side shine by transforming your imagination into tangible 3D prints.

These are just a few examples, and the only limit is your imagination!

One of the most popular and recognizable 3D prints is the 3DBenchy. As mentioned earlier, this small boat model serves as a benchmark for testing and calibrating 3D printers. Its popularity stems from its challenging design features and the fact that it allows enthusiasts to showcase their 3D printing abilities.

What can kids use 3D printing for?

3D printing offers an excellent opportunity for kids to explore their creativity and learn about various concepts. Here are a few ideas for what kids can use 3D printing for:

  • Creating custom toys and figurines
  • Designing and printing personalized keychains or jewelry
  • Building models of historical landmarks or scientific concepts
  • Creating prototypes for school or science fair projects
  • Printing practical items, such as pencil holders or desk organizers

By engaging with 3D printing, kids can develop problem-solving skills, gain a deeper understanding of STEM subjects, and have fun in the process!

Is 3D printing a cheap hobby?

The cost of 3D printing can vary depending on several factors, including the type of printer, filaments, and the complexity of the objects being printed. While the initial investment in a 3D printer can be significant, ongoing material costs are relatively affordable.

Additionally, there are numerous free and low-cost 3D design files available online, enabling you to create exciting projects without spending a fortune on design software. The ability to 3D print customized and practical items can also provide long-term cost savings.

Ultimately, 3D printing can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you make it. It's a versatile hobby that offers a range of options to suit different budgets and interests.

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